Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2022

Do you want to boost your income by promoting the best recurring affiliate programs?

Then this is the article for you. Because one of the most profitable aspects of affiliate marketing is recurring income. Many affiliate networks will pay you a one-time commission if you assist them in gaining a customer.

However, if the same customer purchases an item through your affiliate link again, you will only be paid the first time.

CRM software, SEO tools, and social media managers are all examples of SaaS products that charge recurring fees.
Customers who join up for online courses and subscription services will continue to pay you affiliate commissions as long as they stay active members.
Recurring affiliate programs promote web hosting and cloud storage, two of the most popular “online infrastructure” offerings.


Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

For web hosting, Bluehost’s affiliate program is one of the most sought-after. At just $2.95/month and one-time payments of up to $65+, they have a low-cost barrier while providing generous compensation.

Affiliate bloggers who want to make money online can utilize them as an easy method.

Once you’ve joined their program, you’ll receive credit for recommendations for up to 45 days following the initial click.

Payments are made between the 16th and the last day of each month and you must have a minimum balance of $100 to receive your payment.

By promoting Bluehost, you’ll benefit from great conversion rates and immediate access to text links and banners. Their affiliate managers provide fantastic customer service, and they are my top recommendation.

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Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021 is a comprehensive marketing automation platform for businesses of all sizes. Begin promoting this fantastic product if you, like me, are a fan of digital marketing. Why? That is because you will never be sorry for promoting it.

And the customers you refer to will be extremely appreciative. Nobody else on the internet offers free sales funnels and other tools hosted on a custom domain except You can earn up to 40% lifetime commissions through its affiliate program.

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AWeber is an email marketing platform, but it also allows clients to create landing sites and send web push notifications. It even has the ability to conduct business online.

Even though AWeber has a no-cost option, you’ll be pushing their $16.15-a-month Pro subscription through this scheme.

If you refer someone to AWeber, you’ll get a 30% commission on the initial transaction, as well as 30% on any subsequent payments (paid monthly).

When it comes to affiliate programs, AWeber has the longest cookie window we’ve come across, with a whopping 365-day cookie window.


Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

You can quickly take your email marketing to the next level of success with the help of our fantastic recurring affiliate network.

It includes all of the features you need to promote your product, service, and blog, including killer automation and email marketing capabilities.

Depending on the number of subscribers, you have a fantastic opportunity to earn more money by promoting this tool. it will also increase the number of visits to your blog.

As soon as your first subscriber pays their first subscription, you will receive a 30-percent recurring payment, and this money will continue to be paid to you every month as long as your recommendations continue to use the company’s services.


Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

If you haven’t heard about OptinMonster, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. Using lightbox popups, floating bars, gamified wheels, and other features., it’s one of the most effective methods for grabbing your readers’ attention.

OptinMonster offers a large number of templates from which to choose. It has never been easier to create aesthetically enticing offers than it is right now. You should start marketing it immediately if you are a digital marketer because it is a fantastic product.

New clients who sign up through the OptinMonster affiliate program will receive a recurring commission of 20% on all sales. Because the cookie is valid for 90 days, you will never miss out on a prospective transaction.


Bloggers and web developers consider it to be the most effective tool for engaging with all of their social media accounts in one place at the same time.

As a result, it is the best tool for you if you want to connect with your audience on a regular basis. It also saves time and effort and thus attracts many customers.

This recurring affiliate program has the potential to generate a substantial profit for you. It offers a 15% commission rate for annual payments, as well as monthly commission payments based on the amount of income generated.


You work extremely hard to attract the correct audience to your website. What happens now? What if they abandon it just because they are unable to obtain an answer to their question? That is when LiveChat comes into play! It is the most effective customer service software for enhancing customer satisfaction, sales, and money.

They provide a recurring 20% commission on paid plan subscribers who sign up using your link. The cookie expires after 120 days, ensuring that you never lose out on the opportunity to earn recurring commissions.

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Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

It is often regarded as one of the most effective working tools in the marketing industry. Because of the longtailpro recurring affiliate program, it is a magical tool for bloggers, since you may boost the visibility of your keyword on Google by utilizing this program.

This is often regarded as one of the most effective tools for bloggers looking to improve their search engine rankings. It offers a referral bonus of 30% of recurring revenue commissions for each referral.


Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

GetResponse is another email marketing tool that is well-known for its easy-to-use automation features. It has never been easier to create a landing page, sales funnel, or newsletter than it is right now. It’s ideal for bloggers who want to drive traffic to their sites and increase their subscriber base.

Whenever you become a member of the GetResponse Affiliate Program and refer a new paying customer, you will receive a lifetime commission of 33 percent on the plan of your choosing.

In contrast, if you’re only interested in receiving payment once, the program offers a $100 bonus for every sale you refer.

And, of course, if you earn $50 in a month, they pay you via cheque or PayPal.

Additionally, their platform is translated into twenty various languages, allowing you to market it to a variety of different audiences in different languages.

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Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

With the ClickFunnels affiliate network, you can earn a 40% commission on each customer you refer.

Here’s the thing:

You’ll also get compensated if you refer a customer and an affiliate, earning 5% of their sales.

You will find one of the best affiliate programs with lots of materials, training, and help whenever you need it.

ClickFunnels will also keep upselling your referrals. Once they join, you may expect good recurring commissions from them.

Elegant Themes

Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

WordPress is a free platform with an abundance of themes and plugins. Due to the fact that it is free, it has a restricted number of free themes and plugins. Numerous firms offer Primum Themes and Plugins. Elegant is one of them, specializing in creating outstanding WordPress themes.

It’s critical to pay for additional features and beautiful themes. Elegant Themes provides the greatest WordPress themes with a variety of unique features, designed to make your website more appealing, charming, and professional.

You can earn a significant amount of money by recommending Elegant Themes to blog readers and professionals, and the company will give you a 50% profit on each referral.

You’ll be surprised to learn that you can earn money when someone evaluates it for future usage, and you’ll be compensated with a commission for that as well.

Its costs are reasonable, and the minimum amount a customer must pay is $58, which must be paid within the first 30 days of the month, or else their services will be canceled.


Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

LeadPages is a well-known all-in-one landing page tool that assists marketers in growing their subscriber base and increasing their lead generation.

It is most appropriate for bloggers who wish to enhance their blogs as well as affiliates who want to discover new sources of money.

Any business owner who is interested in launching a marketing campaign should sign up for LeadPages right now. All affiliates have the potential to earn a base lifetime commission of 10% with the possibility of earning up to 50% of the total commissions earned. Something about this is just too wonderful to be true!

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Active Campaign

Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

Active Campaign is the most effective email marketing service available in the industry. You have the option to use their services for your marketing purposes and to recommend them to your target audience if you so desire.

You can also make money from this promotion if you want to. Using your expertise as an Email Marketing Specialist, you can make them known to your targets in a way that they will find interesting.

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Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

The SEMRush affiliate program is called BeRush, and it is an outstanding affiliate marketing program for all bloggers and digital marketers. It offers a generous recurring commission of up to 40% on every sale you make, which is a fantastic incentive. Furthermore, it is simple to sell, regardless of whether or not content advertising or marketing is used.


Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

The percentage of your earnings is entirely up to you with Dreamhost, but you can expect to make a decent amount of money over time. To earn a 50% commission, you might opt to not offer any discounts to your client. Referral commissions can either be used to pay for your own hosting account or withdrawn in the form of a check.


Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

Every successful sale generates a 30% recurring commission for you. Having immediate access to the affiliate section is the best feature of this website. More than half a million people around the world rely on Mangools for their SEO needs. It implies that as soon as you create an account, you can immediately begin promoting your business.

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Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

InstapPage is a cost-effective technology that makes it simple to create beautiful landing pages. A simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for newcomers to get started with affiliate marketing. Advertising clicks are turned into more sales thanks to post-click automation technology. For the first year and for the rest of your life, you can earn up to 50% of the recurring commissions.


Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

NordVPN is a leading VPN service provider in the world. By 2022, the global market for virtual private networks (VPNs) is expected to be worth almost $36 billion.

The NordVPN brand is well-known thanks to endorsements from popular YouTubers like PewDiePie, Casey Neistat, and Philip DeFranco. That makes it a lot easier for affiliate marketers to get their hands on.

And with 30 percent lifetime commissions on renewals, as well as up to 100 percent on the initial sale, this recurrent affiliate program is clearly worth promoting.


Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

Hostinger provides one of the most affordable web hosting solutions available, with plans starting at $0.99 per month, lowering the cost barrier even further.

When you sign up for the Hostinger affiliate program, you will earn 60% plus commission on all hosting packages purchased during the 30-day cookie period.

The minimum payout is $100, and it can be released to your PayPal account or bank account via bank transfer if you meet the requirements.


Your Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For 2021

Impact is the affiliate network that powers the HostGator program. For this reason, you must first register with Impact Radius in order to submit an affiliate application. You must have a working website before applying to be an affiliate for this program.

A variable commission structure is available, and as more people sign up, your share of the profits rises as well. In addition, this affiliate scheme allows affiliates to employ deep links.

According to the program’s progressive commission structure, the more people you connect to the Hostgator affiliate program, the bigger your commission will be.

The starting fee is $65 per signup, and the more people you suggest, the more money you can make on each signup.

If you look at the income reports of successful bloggers, you will notice that recurring affiliate programs account for 50% of the total income they have earned over the course of their careers.

It is possible to make a lot of money through recurring affiliate programs if you have a sharp mind, use the best strategies, and have excellent presentation skills.

I hope this list of recurring affiliate programs gets you excited about the industry! This is by no means a full list. Many companies are now offering recurring commissions to new affiliates. You can build a steady affiliate income by targeting these programs..

You are welcome to suggest any other affiliate program that is not currently on this list that you believe is worthwhile and should be included on this list.