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Nollywood Actress ‘Hunted’ By Men Cries Out


Fast-rising plus-sized Nollywood actress, Mary John has cried out following some of her challenges as a plus-sized lady.

The Bayelsa state-born actress, in a recent interview, disclosed that her curvy stature has gotten her a series of embarrassments, especially from men.

“For the kind of body I have, men are always all over me but due to determination and the drive I have, I also know what I want, so I just wave out all the temptations. In fact, many were coming for the body not because they are in love with me. However, as an experienced woman, I know what I wanted and I stood my ground. I have had several embarrassing encounters. The recent one was when I was working on the road and people started taking pictures of my bum bum. They were screaming and making different sounds, but I am already used to such, so it didn’t move me. Even on social media, I get all sorts of nasty comments and DMs from men,” she said in a recent interview.

The single mum of one also affirmed that if given the chance, she would like to go under the knife to accentuate her beauty.

Of course, I’ll do liposuction to remove belly fat, no additions. I am fine with other parts of my body. I enjoy my plus size, I can’t speak for anyone else because people face their own challenges. I carry myself with so much pride. I’m me and I will never want to be anyone else,” she squealed.


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