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What is Freelancing or a freelancer?

They are terms commonly used to describe someone who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a specific employer on a long-term basis, according to Wikipedia. It is a person who earns money on a per-job or per-task basis, usually for short-term work, according to Investopedia. Because a freelancer is not an employee of a company, he or she is free to work on multiple projects at once, unless contractually committed to working solely on one project until it is completed.

One of the most significant advantages of working as a freelancer is the ability to work from anywhere. You can use all of these to tweak them to fit your specific skills and interests. One of the most interesting aspects of it is the ability to start your own freelance business. You will be able to choose not only what you get to do (from your industry to your services), but also your clients and projects..

I’ve put together a list of 20 freelance business ideas. Here are some suggestions for starting a freelance business.

1. Writing

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Because freelance writing is such a broad industry, you should specialize. But, in general, you can write about anything people want to read about. Consider becoming a writer if you have a strong command of the English language and enjoy expressing yourself.

2. Ghost-writing

Ghostwriting is writing for which you do not receive credit. It is usually published anonymously or on behalf of an organization or person other than you. It’s a good option if you enjoy writing but don’t care about the attention. Writing content for others is a very popular freelance business, and clients prefer to work with high-quality ghostwriters.

3. Journalism

Freelance journalists are not tied to a specific organization. It can be a good option for people who do not align with mainstream journalism and would like more freedom with the kinds of articles they produce.  

4. Editing

If you are a nerd for grammar and a lover of structure, becoming a freelance editor could be for you. If you have ever read something and thought “this is so close to being perfect, but I could do a better job,” consider becoming a freelance editor. 


5. Proofreading

Similar to editing, but would require fewer edits, naturally. Help people by giving them a quick once over before they finalize their work. Proofreading would likely be more about quick grammar checks than major structural changes. Be careful not to blur the line too much between editing and proofreading; set expectations with your clients clearly. You can, of course, do both, but make sure that your services are priced to reflect this.  

6. Data entry

Data entry is a good job for people who love to organize and keep things neat. Especially, for those who also love helping others. Data entry is not for everyone, but those who love it, really excel at it. If you are quick and thorough, then you could find yourself with a strong business. Data entry may expand into data analysis or data verification. You should make sure that you outline exactly what your service will be so that clients do not get confused looking for one element but getting another.   

7. Photography and Editing

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A freelance photography career is an excellent choice if you have a talent for photography. This is a great example of a business built around the monetization of a hobby. Many people will need professional photographs but may not know where to look. Marketing yourself as a specialized, local, and skilled photographer could be an interesting freelance option for you. These days, photos are everything. We’ve all seen how popular filters and editing have become. However, there are times when it is necessary to use filters to make the image look good while remaining natural and “unedited.” Being able to touch up and edit photos may also indicate that a career in photography and photo editing is a possibility.

8. Graphic design

There are numerous design elements that can be done freelance, ranging from logos to color schemes to graphics. While you may need to spend money on high-quality software and devote time to developing a distinct style. Most online businesses will require graphic design at some point, so honing your skills in a specific area will likely make you popular, providing you with a positive reputation and a receptive audience.

9. Web design

web design

You don’t have to have studied for years to be a web designer; some web designers simply have a better-than-average understanding of common website platforms (such as WordPress) and a talent for making them look nice. You could make a living by updating or renovating websites.

10. Software programming

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Programming is not something that many people excel at, it is a skill that takes time and dedication to understand. This means it is a great opportunity for you to make a living doing something you love and have developed a skill at. There are numerous programming languages, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Determine your strongest skill and how you can turn it into a tangible product or marketable service.

11. Translating

Do you have the ability to communicate in more than one language? Translation, on the other hand, could be a lucrative option for you. People who can translate from one language to another are almost always in high demand. Because of globalization and the internationalization of content, something is rarely professionally published in only one language—and the ability to write in a native capacity in a second or third language is an excellent foundation for a business.

12. Transcribing

Transcribing occurs when you listen to audio and then write down exactly what you hear. It can be from interviews or subtitling videos. If you are a quick typist and listen clearly and accurately it could be a great option for you.   

13. Video production

video production

Videos are an important part of online content, and being able to create them fills a void that many people are unable to fill. Being able to produce one of the most popular forms of online entertainment, whether through storyboarding, filming, or content creation, is an exciting business prospect. Especially if you develop a video production niche and become a prominent figure in that industry.

14. Video editing

video editing

If video production is not for you, video editing could be a good starting point. Many people struggle with editing, whether it’s navigating complicated software or determining which content is appropriate for the final cut. You could either edit your own videos or videos for others. You could market yourself as an expert in a specific editing style or genre.

15. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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SEO helps to increase traffic to websites by using specific terms. It is often essential to the success of businesses, so if you are skilled in this, and can show proven results becoming a specialist in Search Engine Optimization will provide a unique and challenging business.  

16. Brand management

If you already have skills in that area, brand management is a viable freelance business idea. Brand management is a skill that many other freelancers or small business owners may not be familiar with; therefore, you could make your business help them. Employees in brand management will need to be results-oriented and understand many aspects of the business process.  

17. Voiceovers

voice over

 Becoming a voice-over artist is a wonderful freelance career choice if you love the sound of your own voice—no pun intended! Clients often have an idea for the voice they want; so make sure you market the characteristics of your voice clearly. 

18. Teaching


Teaching is a simple task that can be accomplished online. For example, you could teach courses or give seminars on a subject in which you are knowledgeable. You could teach and train others in skills that you have already mastered.

19. Tutoring


Tutoring, while similar to teaching, has a more personal feel to it. You can share your knowledge with children, older students, or even adults who want to learn something new. There is a large market for online English teachers, as well as other language tutoring and other skills you can monetize by creating a YouTube channel.

20. Bookkeeping

If you have a knack for math and understand business, helping other businesses with their books is a great freelance business. Bookkeeping is something that many people struggle with and would rather outsource, positioning yourself correctly could cause clients to flock to you. You could do ongoing bookkeeping work with companies on a regular basis, or on-demand work—just make sure your services will be priced to reflect this.   

I hope you found this helpful! Twenty ideas for starting a freelance business from home. If you’re going to jump in, of course, you should do extensive research first. It’s very easy to start a freelance business.

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