How To Start A Blog and Make Money

Do you believe that blogging is merely a recreational activity? Think again—it is possible to make quite a bit of money this way. The following steps will show you How To Start A Blog In Nigeria and or elsewhere and Make Money.

The idea of starting a blog today is a major topic, especially since there are so many blogs already out there. There is a lot of competition out there. As of 2021, you’re too late if you want to start a blog merely to be a blogger.

You can look at a half-dozen of the best bloggers in the world to see what they write about. They’re all trying to show how good it is to start a blog. Tell them it’s never too late to start.

To be really candid, blogging is not the simplest way to earn money. However, the wonderful part is that anyone can do it, and it looks fantastic on your resume.

What is Blogging?

Blogging refers to the posting of discrete, generally informal diary-style text posts to an online discussion or informational website. The most recent post is usually displayed at the top of the page in reverse chronological order.

What is the purpose of a blog?

As we all know, the evolution of blogging over the years has transformed blogs into something more than online diaries. Today, blogging is often regarded as an efficient method of distributing information and a valuable way of communicating in an increasingly fast-paced society.

It’s also enjoyable, and you can find bloggers who do it for that reason. In other circumstances, it is a means by which some bloggers earn recognition and establish a name for themselves in a particular niche.

Additionally, blogging has developed into a successful enterprise, and many bloggers now view it as a means of earning money or even making a living!

Indeed, the latter reason is, perhaps, the most compelling for many individuals considering starting their own blog.

Choosing a blog name

How To Start A Blog In 2021

You’ll be wasting your time if you spend hours picking a blog name and then blog about something completely irrelevant. As an example, let’s say you decide to go by the name “Fred’s Autos” and focus on the sports industry.

You’ll have to decide if the name and brand of your blog are suitable at this time. How open-ended are they to allow for a shift in direction, or do you really have to start from scratch?

It’s a difficult issue to address because we don’t know what the future holds. You should, however, go with a more open-ended blog name if you have any doubts or concerns regarding possible adjustments.

When it comes to choosing a name, it’s best to go with a generic one or even your own name, so that you have more options as regards adjustments in the future

Shorter or Longer domain name which is better?

A lengthier URL may be necessary if you can’t “sum up” what your firm does in a single word, or if your brand name is a little vague.

Assuming your company is called “Steve Fragrance” and you are in the business of selling perfumes online, Your store’s identity and purpose will become easier if you use a name like Steve Fragrance instead of a more common name.

You may have a greater chance of purchasing your URL of choice with a longer domain name, especially if it combines terms in an unusual way.

A shorter URL on the other hand is easy to remember and utilize since they are easy to read and understand. Because Google prioritizes the quality of the user experience, it gives preference to websites that deliver a superior one.

A website’s search engine optimization (SEO) is likely to suffer if its URL is long and complicated, filled with unnecessary words and characters. Though it has a negligible effect, complicating URLs is still bad practice.

Should I choose a long URL or a short one?

Shorter and simpler URLs are generally more effective. Using a shorter URL makes it easier to remember, fits better on printed material, and is more likely to “stick” in someone’s mind so that they can recall it later on.

It’s also easier for people to type in your URL directly into their browser’s address bar if you have a creative brand name that people can associate with your company. In general, a shorter domain name is preferable.

Choosing A Domain Name Extension.

How To Start A Blog In 2021

Domain name extension is the last part of a domain name. Look at, the domain name extension is .com.

Each form of website for which you require domain hosting may cater to a distinct market. Ascertain that the extension you use—for example,.com,.net,.org, info,—is appropriate for your market.

If you’re a business and there’s no reason you can’t get name, buy domain hosting. if you are a non-profit organization. If you’re on a budget and building a personal website, consider. ng or one of the other lesser-known extensions. When in doubt, opt

  • .com –This is undoubtedly the most popular and regularly used. it was initially designed for commercial enterprises.
  • .net – This extension is an abbreviation for the term “network” and was originally developed for businesses involved in networking technologies and internet infrastructure. Today, there are no limits on who may use this domain name, and it is typically the second most popular extension
  • .org – This extension was first created for nonprofit organizations. The Domain Name System (DNS) uses the domain name org as a generic top-level domain. A shortened version of the organization’s name
  • .edu-The domain name edu is a sponsored top-level domain in the Domain Name System of the Internet with a focus on education,
  • .co – This is a relatively new extension, but you’ll come across this one a ton in the startup space.
  • .us -Domains for enterprises with a significant American presence, both domestic and international.
  • .ng -Domains for businesses with a sizable presence in Nigeria, both domestic and international. e.t.c

Each country has a unique domain extension. Take care when deciding on a domain name extension.

Web hosting service

A web hosting service is a sort of Internet hosting service that hosts websites for clients, i.e., it provides the resources necessary for them to develop and manage a website and makes it visible on the World Wide Web. Web hosting services are available in a variety of setups. Web hosting services are provided by companies that are referred to as web hosts.

Web Hosting has two types, shared and dedicated hosting. I will not go into details but you can check this article for a detailed explanation.

What is the difference between shared and dedicated hosting?

Bluehost – Best Web Host for Beginners

2. Hostinger – Most Affordable Hosting Plans Overall

3. Hostgator – Best for Lean/Minimal Needs

4. Dreamhost – Most Affordable Month-to-Month Plan

5. GreenGeeks – Best Eco-Friendly Hosting

Hostinger and Bluehost are the best options for most people.

Choosing a Blogging Platform

There is only one platform that I recommend if you want to start a blog today: WORDPRESS

This blog is powered by WordPress, as are 33% of all websites on the world wide web. Yup! Every single website that you visit is powered by WordPress to the tune of more than a quarter.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve heard of WordPress, you’ve probably used a WordPress-powered website at some point in your life.

Easy to use and flexible enough to create a variety of websites are the best features of WordPress. ” As a result, WordPress’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. or, free hosted and self-hosted. Anyone is fine as a starting point, although the latter is preferable.

Check this link for details: vs

Some of its features are:

  1. With themes and plugins, you can easily customize your website.
  2. WordPress is very easy to use.
  3. WordPress is Free
  4. In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), WordPress is a great
  5. WordPress is Safe and Secure

WordPress powers a large number of well-known companies’ websites so It’s the best option for you to use as a starting point for your blog journey.

Choose a WordPress Theme

Choose a WordPress Theme

I’m sure you have some ideas for the design of your blog. That is fantastic!

Fortunately, you can quickly select a theme from the thousands of available alternatives. It is entirely up to you whether to purchase a theme or choose a free theme. There are several beautiful themes available that are completely free.

You can change your theme at any time, so instead of stressing over the perfect option, choose something that works for now.

The following are some of the top free WordPress themes that you may use on your website:

 WordPress Theme

OceanWP  It’s very fast, responsive, RTL, and translation-ready have the best SEO practices and unique WooCommerce features.

 WordPress Theme

Astra is very lightweight (less than 50KB on the front end) and very fast. customizable & beautiful WordPress theme.

 WordPress Theme

Neve is a super-fast, easily customizable, multi-purpose theme. It’s perfect for blogs, small businesses, startups, agencies, firms, e-commerce shops.

 WordPress Theme

Admiral is a beautiful and stylish Magazine WordPress theme featuring a unique and responsive two sidebar layout.

 WordPress Theme

Avant is a highly customizable, multipurpose WordPress theme. Use Avant to build your WooCommerce eCommerce store, online fashion blog,

There are many amazing free WordPress themes available; the ones listed above are only a few of the best.

Install plugins that are important for your blog.

In the WordPress world, a plugin is a piece of software that contains a collection of features that may be added to a website.

The functionality and features of your WordPress websites can be enhanced through the use of third-party plugins.

Search engine optimization, anti-spam protection, and a better user experience can all be achieved with plugins.

More than 58,000 WordPress plugins are available for download. Because of this, it can be incredibly difficult for novice users to locate the ideal plugin for their website’s needs.

To help you improve your blog, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best WordPress plugins (both paid and free).

All in One SEO – Must-Have SEO WordPress Plugin

UpdraftPlus – Great Website Backup Plugin

OptinMonster – Must-Have Lead Generation Tool

Yoast SEO-Trusted nd easy SEO tool

Akismet-Powerful spam filter tool

Jetpack– an ultimate toolkit for your WordPress website

WP Rocket-best WordPress caching plugin

MonsterInsights-Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugin

Google XML Sitemaps– search engines site index

Smush – Best Image Optimization Plugin

WPForms Lite – Top Drag & Drop Form Builder

WooCommerce-Best eCommerce WordPress Plugin

Time to write your first blog post.

Before you begin writing a blog article, you should know the answers to questions like “Why would someone read this full blog post?” and “What is it that keeps our audience engaged?”

To begin with, a well-written blog post should be both entertaining and informative. As a blogger, you should be able to answer questions and help readers solve problems in an engaging way.

In order to find out what people are searching for in your niche, KWFINDER is the tool you need. The term “keyword” refers to any phrase that people type into Google when looking for something.

It’s safe to assume that if a lot of people are searching for the topic in Google, there is a large audience.

Choosing the Right Blog Title

As the first part of your blog post, the title plays an important role in enticing readers to click through and read the rest of your content. When a reader decides to share your blog post on social media, they’re likely to use the share buttons to do so, and that’s the part of the blog that their followers will see when they do so. If your blog post doesn’t have a good title, it’s very likely that no one will read or share it. It’s a proven fact that bloggers who take the time to brainstorm and reevaluate their titles get more traffic.

Tips On Finding The Best Topics For Your Blog

Whenever you find some interesting ideas online, think about how you can approach them in a different way and then write about them. Play around with ideas for topics so that you come up with something that is not only trendy and relevant but also unique, fresh, and catchy.

Do Your Research:

Every day, popular search terms are listed on the most popular search engines. These search terms can be used by bloggers to increase their blog’s traffic. Bloggers can use these popular search terms as inspiration for new posts every day. Because more people are searching for that term, the blogger’s traffic will rise. Using the most popular topics each day as a guide, bloggers can create content that is tailored to their audience. Even if you don’t write about what you really want to, you’ll likely see a boost in traffic as a result of the time and effort you put into research.

Utilize Current Events:

The news is an excellent source of material for your blog’s topics. News organizations spend countless hours researching and investigating their subjects. By utilizing comparable topics, you can avoid tedious research and still be successful. Never copy their ideas verbatim; rather, use them as a foundation for your own creation.

From the most recent technologies to automobiles, the news is constantly changing. The beauty of creating a piece about current events is that people are already curious to learn more about these topics and express their opinions. Your latest opinion article could go viral!

Use other people’s ideas as inspiration for your own content:

If you’re looking for interesting blog ideas, check out popular blogs to see what they’re discussing. You can subscribe via a feed reader (like Feedly, which is highly recommended).

Get their emails to stay up to date on new releases from your favorite authors.

Set aside a time each week to browse blogs for new ideas and inspiration.

I don’t think it’s wrong to learn from successful people. Learning from the successes of others is a great way to grow as an individual.

Instead of stealing their ideas, make use of the opportunity to generate new ones of your own.

To find your own keyword, use Ahref’s keyword explorer. Then, start a new blog. When you’re doing research, look for long-tail keywords that haven’t been written about yet. A good way to get a good idea for your post is to think about what your keyword is.

This is because your post will likely be about that term. There are times when you are inspired by people who are working at their full capacity. It’s possible to check which blog subjects attract the most attention and decide if you could get the same response with a similar topic.

To get a first-hand glimpse at what’s trending throughout the world, use hashtags, which are most often used on Twitter and Instagram.

To get some ideas for your keyword, check out what is popular on Twitter.

In order to proceed, you’ll need to begin brainstorming.

Choose a Twitter hashtag that best suits your blog’s purpose and develop blog posts around it.

Using Social Networks like Quora and Reddit:

Quora is a website where people can ask and answer questions and get answers. For your blog, you need to ask a question and see what people say. Other than that, you can use the “Read” option on Quora.

You can also answer a question about a subject that you are interested in. People who answer that question will send you a notification when they do. Quora users are usually very descriptive when they answer a question. This helps you find new blog post ideas.

Reddit may be a rich mine for finding problems individuals are having. A subreddit dedicated to your blog’s topic is all you need to do. Search in that subreddit for “How Can you?” and you’ll get posts from people in your target audience who are attempting to learn new things or solve problems.

Learn more from this article



In the same way that podcasts may be used, videos can also be used. Look for videos that fit your niche on YouTube. By watching the videos, you can find something new to show your viewers. Is there a way to turn this into a blog post idea?

You can even turn the movie into a new blog article if you’re an excellent writer. Take a fresh look at videos. A lot of new ideas, tricks, and proven approaches can be found in videos. That approach can be used to come up with blog article ideas.

Enhance your blog article with relevant and intriguing images:

Children enjoy picture books for a variety of reasons. As a result of its pictures, the story is brought to life.

You get the same result if you use images for your blog posts too. Reading your content will be easier if you use images to break up the text and provide small rests for your audience. Aside from helping readers understand what you’re saying, they can also help them avoid making mistakes by showing them how their project should look as they go along.

Consider optimizing your website for search engines:

Your content will receive more clicks if your page’s SEO is strong enough to attract new readers. By researching SEO trends and SEO key terms, you can check your blog post against the top-ranking results for search terms relevant to your topic. Your posts will reach the top of the search engine rankings if possible.

Check this article for in-depth analysis

Proofread Your Post:

Proofread Your Post:

It’s time to go over the initial draft of a blog post and look for typos and grammatical errors. When starting a blog for the first time, newbie bloggers tend to speed through this step and publish their posts right away. Professional bloggers should take extra care to ensure their posts are free of typos and careless errors, regardless of how well-optimized their site is or how eye-catching their homepage infographic is before publishing.


Blogging, in my opinion, has the ability to unlock a plethora of opportunities. It’s possible that some of them will come as a surprise, while others will be obvious.

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