Great Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Who doesn’t like to watch videos on YouTube? People like this are becoming increasingly scarce these days, don’t you think? On YouTube, there are over 7 billion videos—a figure that continues to grow. There are more than 37 million YouTube channels. However, how can you increase the number of subscribers to your channel and have your videos appear at the top of YouTube searches? You know that it is a very difficult task for beginners on YouTube to grow their channel.

With YouTube now being the second largest search engine in the world, having thousands of subscribers is an amazing way to grow your business, keep up with customer service, and show potential clients that you’re here to stay.

But how do you get there? With tons of videos and viewers, it can be easy to lose track of your subscriber count, especially since YouTube doesn’t include it on its main page anymore! If you’re looking to grow your YouTube channel’s subscriber count, don’t worry, I will help you.

Choose a Niche

You’re going to want to choose a niche or specific vertical that you can cater your videos towards. A lot of people will recommend making videos on broad topics, but it’s better if you narrow your focus. People are more likely to subscribe if they know exactly what they’re getting when they click on your channel. Choose a topic you’re passionate about, but also one that isn’t too broad, like Baking for example is way too general of a topic to successfully build an audience around.


Descriptions, Titles, Tags, and Thumbnails: When it comes to your video’s tags and descriptions, you need to ensure that they match up with what people are searching for. If your video is about DIY nails but you didn’t tag it as such, no one is going to find it when they search on Google. Instead of going through a list of tags in order from A-Z, think about what would be useful to a person who searched for that particular topic or phrase. another example, if your video is about fragrance, then, If your tag: “Best fragrance” means more competitive If your tag: “Best fragrance for summer, less competitive If your tag is “best male fragrance for summer,” then it becomes the least competitive.

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Great Content

Without great content, it doesn’t matter how many views your channel has or how many subscribers you have. Because without quality content, people aren’t going to subscribe to your channel anyway. So spend time researching different topics and creating videos that really connect with your target audience. The best way to do that is by learning what kind of information they’re looking for and what their problems are. After all, why would someone subscribe to a YouTuber who creates random videos about any topic they please? It makes no sense!


The first key to success on Youtube is optimization. If your video isn’t optimized, no one will see it. Optimization means ensuring that your title, description, tags, and category are all accurate and appealing to viewers. Without optimization, your videos will most likely not rank well in search engines or gain traction with people viewing popular videos. Make sure you know how long a video should be before you start recording so that you don’t waste time editing footage down to an appropriate length later on (in general, shorter is better). What’s more, take advantage of Youtubes’ auto-capture feature by adding keywords into descriptions and titles that match up with popular searches so that when people search these terms they find your content relevant.

Hook people with your intro.

Hooks are like appetizers. They’re what get people interested in reading your post, watching your video, or clicking over to your website. When used effectively, they entice readers with a little bit of information without giving away everything in one go. Knowing how to hook people early is important when writing any kind of content that has intent on drawing more traffic or gaining more social shares. Simply think about how you’d hook someone into coming over for dinner if you were talking face-to-face: You’d start by sharing a tiny tidbit about tonight’s menu (or maybe even just showing off a delicious dessert). There’s no better way to draw readers into paying attention than by promising them something interesting within just a few words—so don’t underestimate its power!

Video Length

Longer videos aren’t necessarily bad, but if you’re thinking about investing time and effort into a video project that will take you hours to produce, it’s probably best to think twice. Anything longer than 10-15 minutes is too long for most people. If you really want to go long, then make sure your content is amazing enough to justify it. And keep in mind that unless your subscribers know they can expect lots of very long (or even endless) content in your channel, they might be more reluctant to subscribe and stick around. Each video you make should have a solid concept, a strong beginning, middle, and end. Be sure that when people watch your videos, they walk away with a clearer idea of who you are as an individual or brand.

You want them to be able to see themselves utilizing your product or service. Keep in mind that each video will have its own unique purpose, so keep that in mind while you create your content strategy. It’s better to produce 1 high-quality 10-minute video than 5 shaky 2-minute videos where it’s hard for viewers to follow along with what you’re trying to convey. There’s also a strong argument for keeping shorter videos as part of your strategy since they tend to perform better in search results.


Once you start a channel, it’s important to be consistent with uploading videos. If your subscribers are accustomed to watching one video per week from you, then stick to that schedule as best you can. If you want to upload more than once a week, don’t worry about it—as long as your audience gets what they expect from watching your channel regularly. While consistency is an important step in building a fan base on YouTube, don’t hesitate to experiment with posting new types of content or shooting videos at different times of the day.

Make sure each of your videos offers different benefits—and tailor your marketing message accordingly. You might offer a quick tip with one video, a how-to guide with another, and behind-the-scenes footage in yet another. As long as those changes don’t interfere with your regular content schedule, they can actually help boost viewership and make subscribers happy at the same time.

Build an Email List from Day One

Email subscribers will become your most loyal fans, so it’s smart to build a list from day one. If you have an online presence, like a website or Facebook page, then setting up an email list is easy. Just add a sign-up form on your site so that visitors can subscribe. From there, you’ll want to ask permission before sending your list anything. Don’t send more than once per month unless they are subscribed as they may consider it spammy if you do.

Leverage Influencers

There’s a pretty good chance that someone you know is subscribed to several different YouTubers—maybe even including some of your favorite channels. Ask these friends who they subscribe to, why they choose those channels, and how they interact with them. If you’re looking for more subscribers yourself, consider reaching out to these people. Create meaningful content that you can share with them, then tell them about it—and why it might be of interest to them too. If you’re lucky enough to have loyal friends who already love your channel, consider making a video asking for their help in growing your subscriber base. They might be happy (and flattered) enough about being asked that they do it for free!

Contest and Giveaways

The best way to get people to subscribe to your channel is by giving away a reward. Everyone likes free stuff, and with some creativity, you can give something of value that your audience will appreciate. However, don’t just do an open giveaway where everyone gets a prize; that isn’t very enticing for viewers and it won’t help build your subscriber base at all. You need to offer smaller prizes for people who are subscribed or have their email address on file, and then award something bigger—like a limited edition signed print or book—to someone who is randomly selected after they enter.

Contests are great for a couple of reasons. First, they’re free (if you do them yourself). Second, contests help increase your reach on social media (which can help build subscribers in other ways), which is always a good thing. Third, it allows you to get more people interested in what you’re doing. This isn’t an overnight strategy, but if you do it correctly, it can have great long-term benefits. It’s a good way to grow an audience quickly—or even if you have an existing audience!


When you’re starting out, it’s easy to be intimidated by someone with thousands of subscribers. One of your primary goals should be to get engagement (i.e., people liking and commenting on your videos). The more interaction you have with your viewers, and from people who aren’t even subscribed to your channel, is a good sign that viewers are interested in what you’re putting out there. After all, what do a million views on an amazing video say about that video if there are hardly any comments?

Understand Video SEO

We’re not kidding when we say you need to know how video SEO works. The first thing you need to do before even starting your channel is thinking about what search terms or keywords people are going to be using when they’re looking for videos like yours. For example, if you’re creating a travel video marketing campaign, people might look for summer vacations or backpacking across Europe. Once you have your search terms, include them in your metadata on all of your videos—in the description section and in tags.

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Community Engagement

Engagement is one of those buzzwords that seems to be tossed around a lot in social media, but what does it really mean? Does it mean friending and following a bunch of people who might one day subscribe to your channel and engage with your content? Or, is engagement something deeper and more meaningful than that? Engagement isn’t just about big numbers. Sure, you want views. You want subscribers. You want interactions. But how do you actually create more meaningful relationships with your target audience beyond simply trying to attract as many people as possible in hopes they will like, comment on or share your content?

Collaborations with Other YouTube Channels

An easy way to grow your channel’s subscriber base is to collaborate with other YouTubers. The easiest way to find a collaborator is by searching for channels in your niche or topic area that have a similar amount of subscribers as you do and then reaching out to them through direct messaging on their channel. The key here is you should not ask them for anything other than collaboration (unless they approach you asking for it). For example, don’t say If I add my link into my description box and promote your video will you be willing to collaborate with me? This can easily turn people off, plus it doesn’t make sense because no one has seen any of your videos yet!

Communicate With Your Audience

What’s in it for Them? : A key question you need to answer is, what is in it for them? When someone subscribes to your channel, they’re entering into a relationship with you. If you do nothing else, consider posting a video that lets your subscribers know that you value their support. It doesn’t have to be complicated: just thank them for watching, tell them what motivates you, and explain why you love doing what you do. If someone has taken time out of their day to subscribe, those are powerful words of support! That’s worth celebrating on camera. And if there’s something more important than gratitude—it’s authenticity!

Respond to every comment with an answer and a question

Most often, when people leave comments on your channel, they are seeking some form of interaction. Use these responses as an opportunity to engage with your viewers. Have conversations with them by answering their questions and thanking them for their input. This will help improve your relationship with your community while also educating potential customers about you and what you offer.


  • Firstly, search for the topic on Google that you wish to make a video about and try to choose a topic that is less competitive.
  • Create high-quality content with eye-catching thumbnails. You’ll probably see a lot of videos that are completely unrelated to the video content, but you’ll still click to watch it.
  • Use a free tool like keyword planner, video, Google trends, or Google ad planner for keyword research. Please don’t violate any privacy policies of YouTube and don’t copy the content of other YouTubers unless you expect fair use. Use various YouTube features like the end screen and the I button.
  • Try to create videos of one type. For example, if your channel is the gaming type, then upload a video on gaming during the beginning. Create a playlist that helps people find a specific type of content.
  • Approach people and ask them to do things like “like,” “comment,” and “share.” Choose the category of your video type. Now, here are some actual tips that will help you a lot in gaining initial subscribers.
  • Replay almost every comment during the beginning, which ultimately helps you to build a community of loyal subscribers.
  • Always tell your audience why they should subscribe to your channel and what value you provide to them. It creates brand value for your channel. You can simply do it by creating accounts on various social media platforms.
  • Try to engage viewers by recommending another video on your channel. If your one video goes viral, then it helps you get views on another video also. Ultimately, it leads to gaining new subscribers.
  • Give a small target and create exclusive content after achieving it. For example, question and answer sessions, give-aways, or something like that.


One of the keys to long-term success on YouTube is getting more subscribers. But don’t fall for those scams where you pay to get more YouTube subscribers, because they don’t work. Make sure you use the free YouTube keyword tool and the free keyword research tool to find the best keywords with a high CPC that you can put in the title, description, and tags of your video. A higher CPC (cost per click) means you will earn more money for each click and view. You will start making more money right away. You can also learn more about how to grow your YouTube channel if you want to.

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