How to create a successful backlink strategy in 2021

1. A brief introduction

The process of getting external pages on the internet, to link to your own website is referred to as link building. The more important and popular a website is, the more important its links are. Wikipedia, for example, has thousands of distinct websites linked to it, indicating that it is a significant and popular site. You’ll need help from other link partners if you want to gain popularity and credibility with the search engines. The higher the site’s importance, the better.

To achieve top-of-the-page search engine rankings, you must build backlinks to your website. Backlink building can be a time-consuming and costly process. However, in order to achieve top rankings, it is necessary. Building backlinks is a time-consuming and potentially costly task, but it is your best bet, for appearing on page one of search engine results. Simply put, backlinks are the foundation of your website’s off-page SEO. In a nutshell, backlinks are critical for Off-Page SEO.

When someone conducts a Google search, the search engine’s primary goal is to help them find the information they are looking for, as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Google never wants to provide spammy, valuable content because we wouldn’t use it if it did.
That being said, when a search engine is able to find and index multiple pages, that they consider reputable and lead back to your piece of considers your page to be valuable and ranks you higher in their results.
Backlinking is the process of locating reputable websites that are publishing content on a similar topic as you and convincing them to link back to your content.

The Necessity

Link building is one of the most difficult aspects of SEO, but it is also one of the most vital. To be successful at link building, you’ll need a good budget, a lot of hustling, and, most importantly, ingenuity. Each link-building effort is different, and the method you use to develop your own links will be influenced by both your website and your personality. One or more of the following types of link acquisition should apply to your strategy:

  • Natural or Editorial Links:

These are the types of links that organically appear on websites and pages to link to their own content. Apart from the existence of the content and the potential to generate awareness about it, natural links do not necessitate any specific SEO work.

  • Manual link building:

Often known as outreach, entails contacting bloggers for links, paying for listings, and submitting websites to well-known directories.

  • Self-Created Links:

Many websites encourage visitors to build links by posting comments on blogs, signing guestbooks, creating user profiles, and writing forum signatures. While these links are of limited long-term worth, they do have an impact on a number of websites. However, search engines devalue these types of links in general, and they have been known to punish websites that use them excessively.

Those who start building their backlink strategy without prior knowledge are often disappointed when they find out that backlinks cost money. Why is that? It’s simple: they have to be located somewhere, and the sites where you place your backlinks must be paid for.

The cost of backlinks can rise even more if you employ people to generate content for you and put up links on other websites. Backlinks from the media are the most expensive because they have the highest value in terms of domain authority. It is, of course, feasible to obtain free backlinks. In this situation, you could compose anything and send it to sites related to your business. It is not a difficult procedure, but it does take time.

Another option is to use automated backlink software, but experts strongly advise against it. These programs have the potential to get you blacklisted by Google. When you’ve calculated the actual costs of backlinking, it’s time to create a budget. The higher your budget, the faster you will build backlinks and see improvements in your search engine ranking. Most likely, you’ll have to adjust your budget as you go.

3. Create a plan that is consistent.

This leads us to our next topic: the rate at which you should establish backlinks. Links should be constructed in a logical and consistent manner. In other words, the time spacing should correspond to how long it takes to write a piece of content, arrange a backlink, and so on.

If you only place one backlink at a time, Google will not be surprised if you place two the next day. A site that hasn’t received a backlink in a year and then receives five in two days will almost certainly be blacklisted because this is considered suspicious activity – black-hat SEO.

4. Find potential websites.

The next step is to find actual websites where you can pitch your content and get a backlink to your website or post. If you are searching for websites that accept guest posts online, you can reach out to those that interest you, even if they do not publicly accept guest posts.

By using tools like Alexa (find similar websites) or SimilarWeb (find industry-leading websites ranked based on the traffic they receive), you can compile a list of potential websites. Additionally, SimilarWeb allows you to compare your competitors, to see how much traffic they get, what their main sources of traffic are, and what their main keywords are.

Additionally, SimilarWeb provides a feature that allows you to view other websites’ referral traffic. As a result, you can find high-performing backlinks for your competitors. Imagine you’re a competitor of Yoast: This is a great tool because it lets you determine where a website got a backlink from a direct advertisement (like, and where a guest blog was the case. Reach out only to those websites where guest blogging was involved.

5.Create a strategy for outreach.

Another major aspect of the backlink strategy is to determine out how, when and how important will you reach out to these websites and ask them to link to your website. It seems trivial, but it is another time-consuming task. If you hire someone to do it for you, it is yet another cost you have to think of.

Still, you have to find a reliable mail service provider that will make sure your outreach emails do not end up in spam if you want to do it yourself. likewise, determine how many spots you want to reach out to every day, every week, and every month. Remember to track the performance of your emails and track the success rate of your outreach using the formula ( total backlinks/ total emails transferred). Do not worry if this chance is low.

When developing your backlink strategy, keep in mind that not all links are created equal. The quality of the links is determined by a variety of factors, including whether the link is an article or an advertising banner, as well as whether the site is or (No, it’s not a real website; there’s no need to double-check.) From a technical standpoint, you should be aware that Google does not track every link that leads to your website.

So, when developing a comprehensive backlinks strategy, it’s a good idea to prioritize your priorities based on link value. For example, you can check the domain authority of each website where you want to post and rank them based on their level. This way, you’ll save some of the time you’d otherwise be wasting on links that aren’t as valuable.

When you look at it in terms of building your site or blog, you will find several important factors which play a part in your overall SEO plan:

  • Search engine rankings:

Most marketers’ primary goal is to improve their search engine rankings, and one way to do so is to build high-quality links to their websites. The key here is to generate a variety of anchor texts and obtain them from niche or high-quality blogs.

  • Fast indexing:

After launching a new website, the next hurdle is getting it indexed by Google quickly; however, having backlinks from an active domain can help speed up the process.

  • Page rank:

If you receive links from high-quality PR sites, you’ll almost certainly get a good page rank in the following updates.

Searching for one of the key phrases targeted by the page is one of the many ways to see how well your site ranks on a search engine. For example, if you want to rank well for a keyword like “weight loss,” earning connections from pages that currently rank well for that phrase would be beneficial.

Establishing these elements as they affect your ranking requires a lot of practice, effort, and experience, but you can always use one of the various online analytics to see if your campaign is gaining traction. When you notice a rise in search traffic, frequent search engine crawling, and improved ranks, among other things, you know the strategy is working. If these indicators don’t improve, it’s possible you need to improve your on-page optimization or explore higher-quality link targets.

You might be surprised to find that there are loads of top-notch, helpful backlink resources that go untapped for unknown reasons. Some of these products may recognize by you, and also you might also use one or two of them, however, the reality is that this checklist will teach you to check out new opportunities.

Create a blog network:

Quality blogs are among the most powerful SEO tools available. The best part about creating a bog network is that you have complete control over how many links you post.  Because you’ll be putting out links at your leisure, you’ll have complete control over your visibility.


When most people donate to charity, they receive a warm fuzzy feeling, but if that isn’t enough for you, you might want to consider getting a backlink from there. You’ll be surprised at how many broke website owners will gladly add your link on their site in exchange for a few dollars.
You may get linked to a charitable foundation with a great link profile for as little as $10, and some of these sites can be discovered with only a few simple search terms like “give to us” or “sponsors.”

Buy expired domain names:

It’s one of the numerous tactics that few people are aware of, but it can help you build a link network. If you’re currently purchasing new domains each time you start a new website, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities and making your life more difficult than it has to be. How about this: whenever you establish a new website, go to GoDaddy and check what old domains you can get. I understand that getting a domain that precisely fits your specialty is your initial inclination, but it isn’t the most crucial factor. Because they have to establish new ones from scratch, you will find yourself ahead of your competitors in terms of links if the domain has authority.

Edu links:

Some of the most powerful links are university links. The problem is getting a school to connect with the common Joe. It isn’t impossible, but it is difficult. If your website isn’t very commercialized, you might be able to gain a handful of connections simply by asking gently.
This can be done on most institutions’ resource pages, which link to other websites with useful information for students and teachers. When you contact the sites, keep in mind that only about 5% of them will post your link, but those few links could mean a lot to you.

Here are some additional tips to keep you on track:

  • Obtain links from legitimate websites in order to establish true authority.
  • Keep in mind that links from authoritative websites are the most powerful. –
  • Don’t put too much emphasis on website themes that link to you. Join additional social networks to have your material noticed across the board.
  • Avoid following seasonal fashion trends. The more linkages are abused, the more toxic they become. –
  • When it comes to automated link building, if the end result is an unnatural link that you place yourself, Google will not count it.


Time is an important consideration when developing a good backlink strategy; you should aim to begin as soon as possible while maintaining a sustainable pace of work. In other words, doing some backlinking makes no sense if you don’t intend to do it all the way. If you are serious about using SEO as your primary traffic source, you must invest heavily in backlinks.