How to check my mobile number in Nigeria

how to check mobile number in nigeria

You might want to check your mobile number in Nigeria for many reasons. Maybe you just got a new phone and need to confirm that the number was transferred correctly. Or maybe you want to make sure that your mobile number is not being used by someone else.

There are times when one can forget his or her own mobile number or simply does not know it. The article discusses how a person can check his or her mobile number in Nigeria. Whatever the reason, there are a few simple steps you can follow to check your mobile number in Nigeria.

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How to check the mobile number of MTN

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Fist Tip:

Assuming you want to know how to check the mobile number of an MTN line, simply dial *663# and see the number appear on your screen.

Second Tip:

If you have airtime on your phone, this is an effective option to use. Simply give someone from your contact list a call and ask them to name your phone number. Your number will be known because it is constantly displayed when someone is contacting you. 

Third Tip:

You can reach the MTN customer care line by calling 180. After you explain your requirements to the agent on the other end, they will give you your number.

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How to check the mobile number of AIRTEL

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Assuming you would like tips on how to check your mobile number in Nigeria with Airtel:

First Tip:

Dial *121* on your phone and select option 6.

Second Tip:

Another method is to load airtime or call a friend, and when you do, your number will display on his phone. Then ask him to call the number for you.

Third Tip:

You can also contact Airtel’s customer service department by dialing either 121 or 111 to speak with a representative about obtaining your number. This will establish a connection between you and the service.

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How to check the mobile number of 9MOBILE

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Assuming you are looking for information on how to check your cellphone number in Nigeria using 9mobile, here it is:

First Tip:

Simply dial *248# and your number will be displayed.

Second Tip:

The second method is to make a call to a friend and your number will show up on his phone. You can then get the number from there.

Third Tip:

Simply dial 200 to connect to the customer service line, and then continue to follow the instructions.

How to check the mobile number of GLO

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When it comes to Nigerian Glo phone number checking, here is the tip

First Tip:

To check the mobile number of your GLO line, simply dial *135*8#.

Second Tip:

Simply dial the number 1244 on your Glo phone, and you will immediately be greeted by a computer-generated voice that announces your phone number aloud.

Third Tip:

Call a friend and ask him to call your number, which is displayed on his device.


In Nigeria, checking your mobile number is a straightforward operation that is easily accomplished by following the steps that are given in this article. Discovering your mobile phone number will be as simple as clicking a few buttons on your device, and you can then use it to stay in touch with loved ones and friends at any time.

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